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Building Stone

Building stones are naturally occurring rocks of igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic origin which are sufficiently consolidated to enable them to be cut or shaped into blocks or slabs for use as walling, paving or roofing materials in the construction of buildings and other structures.


Advantages of building stones

One of the main advantages of stone is its aesthetic look, with a variety of colors, sizes and textures – the design possibilities are endless. Finally, stone masonry requires little maintenance and repairs, thanks to its durability. Cons: Stone walls are thick and heavy, reducing floor space


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Isfahan Gohar Trading Company, with regard to the great God and committed to the Islamic Republic, started its activities in 2011 and is one of the leading and active companies in the field of decorative building stones industry. At present, Isfahan Gohar Trading Company is one of the largest and most successful suppliers and exporters of natural stones in the form of slabs, tiles and strips of various types of travertine, limestone, marble and granite with the best modern stone cutting machines.

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